hello, i'm carlos

here is a sample of my work

Front Row
Inspired by the love of music and headphones. Headphones provide personal concerts and a front row seat to our favorite artists. Headphones have become part of our daily lives and a necessity to tune out all the noise and disconnect from the world; even if it's for a bit.
Colorful Chaos
Collection inspired by the emotion of embracing oneself and not letting others box you into their idea of what they think you should be. This is a celebration of when a square was more than a square.
Short Film Collaboration
Designed and constructed all the outfits for a short film debuting in the 2020 New Hampshire Film Festival. This is a behind the scenes clip showing some of the outfits.
Tech Pack Sample
A sample of a technical pack I created for the factory to produce the first garment sample.
Runway collection shown at NY Fashion Week. A collaboration with Dina Lim, inspired by the complexity of emotions associated with transitions in life. This is a clip of the design process and runway show
Chanel x cr
Inspired by the House of Chanel and the patterns of contemporary furniture that juxtaposes the feeling of soft and hard.
Artisan Revolution
Inspired by the industrial revolution and decline of artisan workmanship in today's society. Many years ago, I was taught drawn thread work. I incorporated that skill in this collection, and this was the beginning for my love of embroidery work.
Creative Process Gallery
Photos of my design process such as sketches, toiles, drapes and other pieces I've sewn.
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